New Career: Seamstress

About a week ago, I was hired to work in the alterations department as a seamstress for my local David’s Bridal. I was (and still am) extremely excited to become a part of the team, mostly because wedding gowns and fancy dresses are so pretty and thrilling to work with, but also because I have a serious interest in learning how to sew.

I attend conventions and the biggest joy I get from them is cosplaying, which means I’m making my own costumes all the time. But I’m self-taught, and I usually just go on instinct or a simple pattern when making a new costume, so my techniques and knowledge of sewing are terrible. I was hired for the job mostly because I was enthusiastic and showed a willingness to learn, but also because the alterations department is severely shorthanded.

I work really long hours, and because this is a busy time for the store (Prom season and the Summer brides are coming in), I am constantly sewing and steaming and ironing and helping customers throughout the day. I technically get a break, but I’m so engrossed in my work and getting to the next project that I often forget and skip it. I’m having a great time learning new techniques, but I know I am far from being a professional. I only know how to do a rolled seam on the machine, and the rest of the time I’m hand-sewing things like beads and lace back onto dresses that have been taken apart. I’m a master at putting a hook and eye on the gowns by now.

After five days and 32 hours on the clock, I’m quite tired. But I’m happy I’m needed and I do enjoy the work I do. How busy I am doesn’t even bother me, because I used to have a job that had me agonizing over the clock and eagerly waiting to go home. I think I get satisfaction from being busy from my days as a waitress; during a lunch or dinner rush, you didn’t have time to stand around and watch the clock either.

This is also the first job I had where I’m not constantly with the customers. I don’t pin the women myself, but I am the person who answers the phone and escorts the ladies to the fitting room, bringing them their dresses and helping them put on their gowns. I see the customers, but I get time away from them too to work on what I’ve been hired to do: sew. I’m quite the introvert, so having some time to myself to work is very healthy for me and keeps me happy and willing to work with customers.

I’m very happy to be working in a place where my boss and co-workers are very nice and understanding, and I’m able to do something that I enjoy. I’m excited to learn and I will be bringing my new knowledge into my cosplaying hobby.


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