Body Image and Body Weight

I don’t like to talk about body weight, especially my own, but I was compelled to write a little post about it after watching a youtube video. I will not link it here, but my post is in some ways a response to that video.

My response is to what the youtuber said in their video: that she felt “overweight” because she had “a little belly”. I have a BMI of about a 21, which falls within the normal range. But I do have a bit of a belly pudge, which in today’s society is seen as undesirable. My body type would have been much more appreciated during the European Renaissance.

Attractive Then (a.k.a. what I actually look like [minus the baby])

Attractive Today (a.k.a. what I wished I have)

I have been to the doctor’s office and have always been told, despite my pudgy belly, that I’m very healthy. That there is no concern for me to lose weight from a health standpoint. If I want to lose weight, then it would be for vanity.

I often go back and forth with what I want concerning how I look. On one hand, I don’t want to be pressured by society to look a certain way; mainstream popularity is not what I enjoy following. On the other hand, my idea of beauty has been influenced by society and how I look effects how I feel about myself. I am also incredibly vain.

I am also concerned about balance in my life. I spend a lot of my time exercising my mental capabilities; reading, writing and studying. But I devote so little of my time to my physical well being. Perhaps a bad mood could be “sweated out” by running until I do not care anymore, or I can find more energy for the things I want to do by increasing my stamina through exercise.

What I really want to say, is that everyone is different, both inside and out. What works for one person, does not for another. We can create guidelines and standards for society as a whole, but there will always be exceptions to the rule. So don’t go out and judge people (or tease and/or bully them) just because they don’t fit the standard. You cannot come to any reasonable conclusion about a person just by looking at them. Unless you know the person very well, you cannot make a judgement on their lifestyle.

And to others who suffer from body image/weight issues: don’t let society dictate how you should look and/or feel. Be it if you’re too skinny or too fat or too short or too tall or whatever. You know your own body best. Be happy with what you think is normal/acceptable for you. Don’t let peer pressure or the media make you feel uncomfortable with yourself. What matters is what makes you happy at the end of the day. So, if you really feel  like you need to gain a little weight or loose a little fat, then do it for you, not because it’s what others think you should do.


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