Communication and the Internet

The above little illustration was taken from this article on It’s witty. :)

But what I really want to talk about with this post is using modern communication to full effectiveness in the work place: much like this helpful article does.

With every passing year, a new, little (or big) toy is introduced to the mass public for personal and professional uses. All of them are aimed to make our lives easier and more efficient, but often the trick is learning how to use all these nice bells and whistles to our best advantage. Without any thoughtful effort, it’s possible for these mediums to actual hinder us.

Take something as simple as texting. Most people tend to think of texting as a hindrance in the workplace, but in the proper setting, it can take the place of post-its and memos in an office setting. It can also be an easy way to send a simple message across a large workplace without fully interrupting whatever the recipient is doing at the moment. People can count on a text message reaching an individual in a timely manner.

But I believe that some things cannot take the place of actual face-to-face communication. It is imperative that communication by two people in the same place happen from time to time. Impressions, habits and subtle clues through body language made by people who talk face-to-face are very important in such situations as an interview and when meeting potential clients. We may not think about it often, but who we know is very important when trying to climb the professional ladder. Establishing reliant and helpful connections are done through real-life conversations. It’s hard to back up someone whom you have only talked through on the phone or through e-mails.


One thought on “Communication and the Internet

  1. Alyssa, I agree with you. New forms of communication are being developed at a very fast rate, and the new technologies make things more convenient. They speed up the pace at which we communicate and they help to enhance our efficiency. I believe that in the work setting, these new ways of communicating is fine, but in our personal lives, face to face communication is best. Like you said, body gestures and facial expression convey a lot when communicating. Even more important is the sense of touch. A combination of all these things make face to face communication much more effective than any other.

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