Evaluating the Internet

The internet is a wealth of knowledge and information posted by people who have access to it. Virtually anyone can post anything they want about any subject. But what about the content of that information? Many students will use the internet to search and hunt for reliable information. But how reliable is that information? Which websites can we trust? What should we look for to know that this information is true?

Well, it’s a lot harder to verify the “truthiness” of any website.

Check out the americanvision.org website for example. It had org in it’s URL, so that has to be a positive sign, right?

The image below is a screen shot I took from American Vision’s website over an article about Halloween.

American Vision Site Article

I highlighted the part that was place to call for concern.

Well, maybe a valid professor of Christian History can debate the above statement. That does not mean that this whole article and website is full of silly putty.

… Well…

American Vision Halloween Article

Come on, people. Check out this article called Halloween Trandsends Fear. It has been published by a scholarly journal called Phi Kappa Phi Forum, published in the Fall of 2010. The author has  PhD in Celtic Studies and her article had to be approved by numerous other people to be published as factual. It has even been included on an academic database, which is where I found it.

James B. Jordan, who wrote the first is article, is a Protestant theologian. His teaching is based on studies within Christian seminaries. This article was published by a website that has the below statement at their slogan and mission:

Vision and Goal

A little biased, I feel.

But American Vision is not the most threatening website out there to false information. Instead, I feel that it has a very biased view on topics that fit within their beliefs and reason. Their website is the truth for them. At least they are not www.westborobaptistchurch.com. But they are a discussion for another time.

For now, I’m just informing on the truthfulness of the internet. Many site looks legitimate to us, but with proper research, we can see who is helping us and who is hurting us. Always go to a reliable database if you are looking for factual information. Get a good idea on the position and ideas that a newspaper or news channel takes when reporting news. Always be weary of what you hear from others.

Absolute Truth? Now that is based on the individual.


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