Photography – Kimberly

Kimberly Reach


Kimberly Look



One thought on “Photography – Kimberly

  1. Alyssa, The pictures are great! The pictures bring memories especially to some of us who have experienced life in the woods. The background remembers me when we used to play in the woods. We used to play the game called, “Touch and run.” A peer would sneak and touch me then disappear in the woods. It would then be my turn to do the chase. There used to be many of us playing in the woods but it takes mastering the wood to get to find and touch someone. Some of my peers would climb on trees and hide behind leaves. As you reached your hand to hold that tree, it was the same way my peers would reach their hand to grab a tree to climb. I would watch them at a distance climbing the tree. Your portraits look so live to me.
    Lying on that bench also remembered me when after being so tired from work or play, i would lie on one of those hand-made benches in the wood. Thank you for such a great photography. It speaks to my memory.

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