Intellectual Property – Remixed Videos

Original video: “Telephone” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé.

Remixed video: “Pharaoh’s Throne” by CardGamesFTW

 Is the remix/reuse a “fair use”? Why or why not? (include a discussion of the four factors that are considered in fair-use cases)

Yes. The remixed video is a comment on the original video and song. The purpose of the remix and usage of the song is for entertaining audiences. The copyrighted work is not exclusive enough to rebuff any type of reuse of the song so long as the reuse is not for profit. Directly, none of the original lyrics are used in the remixed video, but the beat, tempo and other aspects of the song are used exactly. Since this video does not sell their remix or advertise selling the original song by Lady Gaga, it does not affect potential sales of her original work.

Who benefits from the remix/reuse? The original creator? The remixer/reuser? The audience? Why?

I would have to say everyone benefits from the remix. The original creator has another outlet for their song to be spread indirectly. People who hear this remix will want to hear the original. The remixer benefits because people who know the original song may peek into their video to see how they redid it; they kind of ride on the coattails of the original to get noticed. The audience benefits because it’s free entertainment and a funny video for anyone who like Lady Gaga, the anime Yu-Gi-Oh, or both.

        In “Walking on Eggshells,” Jordan Roseman said, “there’s no question that at some point using other people’s recordings is 100% your creativity and then at some point it is 0% your creativity.” What do you think he meant by this statement and how does it apply to your example?

What Jordan Roseman meant, was that by using another person’s original work, you are contributing new material into the world and therefore are not being creative at all. On the other hand, you are reusing the original in a new way that hasn’t been thought of before, and therefore are being 100% creative. This applies to my example because the creator CardGamesFTW has used a well-known song without altering it drastically; 0% creative. On the other hand, CardGamesFTW has put the song into a new context, blending it with another, completely different media and made up lyrics to follow it; 100% creative.

Do you agree or disagree with the artists’ viewpoints as expressed in “Walking on Eggshells”?  Why?

For the most part, I agree with what the artists’ are expressing in the video. They have an excellent point in how they want to create original art and they are doing it within the confines of the law, even if some people have a hard time seeing it. That said, I do have a personal preference for people creating an original work, such as writing songs and music and paintings. But without us knowing, people have a long history of borrowing others’ ideas and even reusing them.





The above is, needless to say, for my Internet and Society class. I’m sorry if any of it is hard to follow, but reiterating some finer points would just be redundant for my class. :)

If you wish to see the video I’m discussing in the questions this is the link: “Walking on Eggshells (part 1)”


2 thoughts on “Intellectual Property – Remixed Videos

  1. Well done. Interesting videos. I agree with the points you made, especially the way you explained how remixes can be both 100% creativity and 0% creativity.

    Art has evolved and is still evolving. As the years go by, artists will develop new techniques to express themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of the new works produced are not 100% original. This enables lawyers to thrive. More and more law suits are being filed against artists and in some cases the amount called for is ridiculous. But it is a way to stop people from “stealing” work produced by others.

    On the other hand, there are artist who, like you said, do not violate the fair use doctrine, and they should not be harassed by lawyers and condemned because they used parts of other persons’ creations. Inspiration comes from different places, and the difference between remixers and other artists is that the remixers make it obvious where their inspiration comes from.

  2. I find this article very interesting as I was unaware that there existed an original version to this song. That’s the thing with people who reuse material, majority of them OWN it. They are able to mold it and give it a whole new identity and meaning.

    This is why I am forced to understand where the artists on Walking on Eggshells are coming from. Yes they are taking other people’s material and yes they are being 100% creative most of the time. Songs like this remind me of how creative people can get with their ideas…using the ideas of other people, but just building up on it.

    Very well articulated.

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