Net Neutrality

I think it is safe to assume that everyone who uses the internet, generally enjoys it. Everyone who has made an account on a website or registered t a site has done it because it is something that they want to do and enjoy doing. As people are becoming more connected on the internet, we are  becoming more attached to it as well.

I cannot imagine a filtered internet. I have used the internet for my benefit and entertainment for years.Through the social networking trend, I have even found other people miles apart from me whom I have never met that I find common ground with. Things that I thought was weird about me are actually shared by many other people who have similar interests as I do.

I use the internet to stay connected with a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in seven years. Because I am a military brat, our parting was inevitable. But through the internet, I can still have that same connection with her despite not living down the street from her.

These are my reasons why I believe in net neutrality. These are my reasons why I believe all of us should be able to browse and search and connect without having to pay for every click we make. I want to understand and learn from everyone who uses the internet because it is a wealth of knowledge and experience waiting to be tapped into. All of us, the common man, can relate to others who are just like us, creating a global identity and breaking down perceived barriers between us.

This webpage about E. Rossi’s Description of the Uses and Gratification Theory made perfect sense to me the moment I read it. I use the internet to benefit myself. All the outlets I seek here, or in any other media for that matter, are to satisfy my needs. And I think that this belief rings true for many other people as well.

Which means that you, dear reader, who are so kind enough to read my words, are reading it because in some way I am fulfilling a need that you desire. You are concerned about the future of the internet and where it will go. You are looking for someone who shares your concerns and ideas through this magnificent medium.

So thank you, dear reader. We, as the  common man, can overcome great things together. All we need to do is stand up for ourselves.


One thought on “Net Neutrality

  1. Sometimes I have to remind myself that anything man-made is made to reap the maximum profit for the already wealthy. That’s why I completely support net neutrality. You’re right in your views. I don’t think I would want to pay per click (sounds pretty close to pay per view). Anyway, the internet has allowed us to meet many of our needs; whether these be educational, medical, or just entertainment. By removing net neutrality, many of these needs will no longer be met. Many persons will no longer be able to use the internet ( since they would not be able to afford the internet) and this phenomenon will just compound the division between the rich and poor which exists in society today… on the internet these divisions are less than relevant. For this reason I think net neutrality should persist.

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