Internet Privacy

Click link here: How Facebook got a teacher fired.

Click link here: How to use the internet safely and privately.

Just when you think that you finally have the internet figured out, there is another potential pitfall awaiting you.

Protecting ourselves on the internet is tricky business. It has become common knowledge to us that web browsers and websites can save information about our computer as we come across them. This is usually done by the site recognizing our computer’s IP address (a number unique to each and every computer in the real world). So if any website wanted to, all they would have to do is look in the history of that computer’s IP address and find out which individual purchased that computer. Personal information such as name, birthdate, address and the form of payment (cash or credit card number) is now known by the people who have the means and ability to track people down.

So the above is one way that a business or company can track us down, and it is almost impossible to stop unless we just stop using the internet entirely.

But that isn’t the worst that can happen to us on the internet either. What about those embarrassing photos or questionable things we do? Social networking on the internet is mostly to blame for the daily and habitual things we show to the anonymous masses on the internet. Every person must exercise caution when posting personal information and things we do if we don’t want them to come back and haunt us. We may be able to delete a post or take down a picture, but during its time up on the internet, many people can come by and make a personal record of when it was there (print screens and downloading). The internet never truly erases anything.

The second link above is wonderful in providing help in protecting our important information while on the internet.

And a helpful tip from me: no one can ever be too careful. If you have ever second thoughts, maybe you shouldn’t do it.

Safe browsing, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Internet Privacy

  1. Alyssa,
    I completely agree that internet users should exercise caution when deciding to post something on the internet. Although a picture, comment, or post may seem innocent at the time, depending on who gets a hold of that information and uses it, it can quickly turn into a bad situation. People need to stop depending on the safety of the sites they are frequenting and instead, take their internet security into their own hands. When it comes down to it, we are responsible for our online identities and therefore we should do all we can to control them. Completely avoiding the internet is an unlikely solution, so instead, internet users should be mindful of what information they are making public and what information websites are storing about them.

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