Angels: An Endangered Species

This is the book I checked out of my University’s library about three weeks ago. It may be a long stretch to being related to the field of Anthropology but… ehh… I’m interested in it and angels (no matter your belief on them) are apart of the human psyche as a whole. :)
So what I find so wonderful about this book is how helpful it is. As a person who hasn’t had the slightest religious upbringing, delving into the Old and New Testament is overwhelming — and you can just forget about trying to find specific subjects in an index (there isn’t one created for subject matter). It’s navigation is fairly simple and helpful.

What is fantastic about this book is that it takes views over angels, both as a whole and individual named and categorized species of angels, from all cultural views, not just Christian or Judaic. It has great mentions of how angels play into the Islamic traditions as well as the similarities some angel figures have with previous gods and supernatural figures in cultures preceding the religious writings. This book brings together the history and cultures of various people, showing how we as humans interact with each other.

For  me, this book is a great starter in getting to understand the myth and beliefs around angels. There is even a section in the book about first-hand encounters people have had with encounters. Your opinion on this is your own, but it includes valuable information on how people see their roles between them, the angels, and God.
Conversely, I suppose a person who is knowledgeable about their own religion may find this text offensive or misleading. Doing a simple search on the book will give you mixed reviews about it. But this book isn’t a religious book, but a book dedicated to educating a person without bias to what the reader may or may not read and it does an excellent job in  maintaining a neutral stance and consistency throughout the work.

In conclusion, I like this book. :)


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