The Supposedly “Worst Majors”

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As time goes by I find out more and more that my country doesn’t have a deep respect for true learning. It seems that the people who write these articles are much more interested in the “practical” skills and “knowledge” from more modern  degrees offered, not typical of a liberal arts repertoire.

But that is my own opinion.

I just don’t like how these articles make my major (Humanities and later Anthropology) look like a useless pile of papers.

And it isn’t realistic of what the professors in college, teaching at any level, will say about picking a major. All professors, from the College of Fine Arts to the College of Science tell me that so long as I love what I’m learning and I want to find a job, then I will happily succeed in life.

Blog lesson for the day: Learn what you love. Have a drive to succeed.


3 thoughts on “The Supposedly “Worst Majors”

  1. I definitely think that when you love doing something that should be the path that you take in life. I think some people don’t appreciate what they think are not of any consequence. But just wait until something goes wrong then they turn around and look for the same people that they tried telling they should change their profession. SMH

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