Trust on the Internet

Link to “Trust on the Internet: The Solution is Ahead”

For me, trust actually affects a lot of things I do, both on and off the internet.

If I don’t trust someone I’m talking to, or just haven’t built that trusting relationship fully yet, I will most likely tell them only vague information about myself.

If I don’t trust someone or a business on the internet, I can simply bypass them and look for something else.

So what if we are actively looking for someone to trust on the internet? A seller of textbooks or someone who has great insight into a subject that interests us or anyone for that matter. We can’t just go around believing in everything that people post. And even if we carefully look for a consistent habit or something that can be prove the blogger’s integrity, it usually involves a long process that is just as extensive as finding the person in the first place.

The article that I am linking above actually is detailing a specific site that is aimed to help build trust among businesses and individuals through the internet. It is innovative not in the fact that the individuals are posting good things about themselves, but rather that integrity about an individual is brought up by others posting in their favor. And it isn’t a site all about praise; a person can even post a critique comment about the person so as to give a fuller picture of what this individual is. This site is not meant to be judgmental about each other and it is really aimed for people to use it professionally and get themselves known for employment. It is not meant to be used “for fun.”

It’s quite exciting how one group of people are trying to address the issue of trust on the internet, and I hope that it becomes very successful. I would love to use it for my own career hunting.

But there is always a way to ruin a good thing. Couldn’t a person ask all their friends to sign up and say good things about them? Can’t people make many user accounts just to build up their own reputation? Can one really nasty comment just ruin the integrity of a person or business, especially if it/he/she is just starting out?

I would really like this new website to succeed, but a part of me still says “watch out. It is still the internet.” We still have a long way to go if we wish to be able to trust on the internet like we trust people in real life.


2 thoughts on “Trust on the Internet

  1. This made a very interesting read.

    Trust on the internet is actually a topic which several of us may have quite a bit to say about thought though we may not realize it right away! I certainly agree that if you encounter someone on the internet whom you may not trust, you simply bypass them. Some persons may make the argument that on your part you made no attempt to “socialize”. However, usually – especially in this case of a random internet user- it is quite wise to simply go with your gut feeling and bypass that individual!

    A few years ago I encountered an individual of questionable character via one of my instant messaging account. Thankfully I nipped the encounter in the bud. I soon found out from a mutual friend to “Stay FAR FAR AWAY” from that contact. Bottom line- Yes, trust your gut.

  2. I agree with what you are saying, halfbreedfox. Trust is a major problem with the internet, particularily because you don’t personally know who might be watching. The website sounds like a great idea, as a way for people to interact without having to worry about what might happen. But, as you stated, there are always doubts. No one knows another person’s intentions, and that makes it hard to trust someone, especially someone on the internet, where you may not know exactly who you are talking to. I guess it is an ongoing process, where we are going to have to learn to develop trust on the internet. How long it will take take is a different matter.

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